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The often elusive yet much discussed G-Spot is regularly debated by scientists, sexperts, sexologists and journalists in women's magazines, but the male equivalent does not seem to receive its fair share of the limelight. Whether you're into women, or men, or both, there are male sex toys that can be used in any situation. That's the biggest difference between the prostate and the G-spot: the male prostate is well understood, the G-spot is not. The small, often neglected organ forms another male pleasure center - a kind of G-spot of the men.

When exploring your body to find the P-Spot, ensure that you take things slowly Unlike the vagina, the anus is not a self-lubricating organ, and therefore you need to use a good lubricant such as YES But This is a thick water based lubricant that is specifically designed for anal use, and is also condom compatible.

Since a lot of male sex toys are made of silicone and rubber, it is always recommended that you use water-based lubes. Some of the best male masturbation toys are usually equipped with motors that can stimulate glans as well as the frenulum. Sex-toy retailer Lovehoney says sales of silicone sex toys continue to go from strength to strength”.

The Booty Buddy lacks the bells and whistles of some other prostate massagers but it gets the job done. A prostate vibrator is an anal sex toy for men with which the prostate can be stimulated. One 2009 review found that using a prostate massager relieved lower urinary tract symptoms of silicone prostate vibrator BPH.

Its rotating beads and powerful stimulating tip makes this silicone vibrator excellent for couples play and single solo time. Second, people often buy sex toys for men from places like Palika Bazar in Delhi or other local under-ground markets in other cities.

If you are sharing your sex toys, ensure that you clean them thoroughly in between usage to reduce your risk of infection. Move the toy up toward the spot where you felt the pressure earlier when you used your finger to find your prostate. In order for a man to achieve orgasm or simply experience the powerful effects of prostate stimulation, the anus is the only route.

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